Bonaparte, Bravery, and the Beatles

Posted in Susan Fekety on July 26th, 2011
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For years I’ve taken shoulder- of- the-season long weekend retreats to Corea, Maine — a little town on the Schoodic peninsula that looks like something out of a picture book.  It is simple and placid and beyond quiet, since it is beyond the bulk of Acadia National Park. My grownup version of “are we there yet?” is watching for the giant fisherman sign at the Stinson Seafood sardine cannery in Prospect Harbor, right next door.

Last year the cannery closed down and a lot of the locals lost work because of it.  Evidently the plant is undergoing a renaissance of sorts in a conversion to processing lobster instead of sardines, but for many years, sardines were where it was at in this sweet little coastal village. Sardines are no longer….popular. We turn up our noses; we pick the canned tuna instead.  Perhaps in your house this is true as well.  It is more than a little sad, to see things like this fading away.

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