Good Food Gone Bad — Oatmeal from the Golden Arches?

Posted in Susan Fekety on February 26th, 2011
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Last week I was a veritable bumblebee of public speaking — it was delicious, to meet so many new people at some of my favorite (and now NEW favorite) places. Here’s what I know — at these events, I learn as much as I share. This week was no exception — I feel my finger now rests more firmly on the pulse of the Real World.

After one of the talks (about using nutritional approaches to achieve natural hormone balance for women, where we dug pretty deeply into the powerful world of whole, minimally processed foods) one gal mentioned the new oatmeal initiative going on at McDonald’s. “Isn’t that great!?” was the consensus of the group.

Somehow, I felt suspicious. A whole food from the Darth Vader of food purveyors? I mean, don’t you just….React, simply to the name? Don’t you even…Resist, somehow, my use of the word “food” to refer to the stuff they sell? Milkshakes with no milk, etc?

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