Posted in Susan Fekety on December 18th, 2009
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‘Tis the season of holiday parties where you bring something yummy to share! The other night I made a really terrific crustless mushroom-leek quiche for the dance party potluck. (When I bring my own protein I know that there will always be SOMETHING I really want to eat besides cookies.) (This is a winning strategy you might want to try!)

Anyway, I had a festive dish all prepped with paper grape leaves to stick elegantly out from underneath the food, but it was early morning when I was packing this up to travel, and the party wasn’t till that night. Putting the quiche bites into the dish first thing would give me soggy and unattractive leaves by dinnertime. Can’t have that! So I needed to carry it to work and then arrange the dish elegantly just before serving.

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